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Midwest Holy Cross Associates
Resource Manual


  1. Introduction
  2. Participation and Leadership Materials
  3. Testimonials
    • 3.1.  How do you know you are being called to association? (Kate Samalik)
    • 3.2.  Why join HCA? (Tom Labuzienski)
    • 3.3.  How has HCA affected my work and ministry? (Jessica Plaspohl)
    • 3.4.  How has HCA affected my family life (my marriage / my children)? (Cindy Bath)
    • 3.5.  How has HCA deepened my spiritual life? (Roberta Gittens / Sandy Neja)
  4. Formation
  5. Associates Chapter Coordination and Communication
  6. General References and Resources for Monthly Gatherings



June 26, 2014; rev. 02/03/2017

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