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“Their energies, of course, extended beyond France. Brother Vincent Pieau led two young novice-teachers to America where they lived first near Vincennes, Indiana, and later at Notre Dame du Lac to the north. Brother Hilarion Ferton brought the Brothers back into Africa where they worked tirelessly in conditions that ranged from tolerable to desperate. Everywhere in their correspondence back to France is evidence of their youthful enthusiasm and their commitment to the religious ideals of their founders.”

“Memorialized in these pages are six teachers, one businessman, one carpenter, one commissioner, and one priest, early great men of Holy Cross who served well but who have been overlooked or relegated to occasional footnotes. For example, there would be no Holy Cross today if it were not for André Mottais, the first Brother to persevere in Jacques Dujarié’s group of religious men in post-Revolutionary France.”

About the Author:

George Klawitter, CSC, recently of St. Edward’s University where he chaired the Department of English Literature for eight years, teaches at Holy Cross College in South Bend, Indiana. He has edited the poetry of Richard Barnfield and published The Enigmatic Narrator, a study of John Donne’s love poetry.  He has also published two books of Holy Cross missionary letters:  Adapted to the Lake and Holy Cross in Algeria.  His articles have appeared in Comparative Drama, Mediaevalia, Explorations in Renaissance Culture, and University of Hartford Studies in Literature.