Defining Commitments of Holy Cross Associates

Baptized Christians are called to build-up the Father’s kingdom through Jesus’ mission of making him known, loved, and served. This is their primary vocation whether they are married, single, ordained, or vowed religious. Some further respond to a second call to deepen their association, relationship, and mutuality with the Congregation of Holy Cross; these are known as Holy Cross Associates.

While continuing to live their primary vocations, Holy Cross Associates enter into relationships with like-minded colleagues who hold in common a faith-filled desire to deepen their spiritual lives through the charisms and the mission of Holy Cross. These charisms are trust in divine providence, the cross our only hope, apostolic zeal, and being family.

Spirituality, Community, Service

The relationships Holy Cross Associates foster are formed by commitments they make to one another and to the congregation. These commitments take the form of three annual promises:


  • To grow spiritually by embracing the charisms of Holy Cross
  • To form Community and foster a welcoming environment
  • To serve God’s people by sharing directly or indirectly in the mission of Holy Cross.

Expectations and Activities

Besides the annual promises, there are expectations Holy Cross Associates embrace that strengthen their chapter-communities, and provide support in their faith-journeys together. These expectations are:


  • Participating in monthly chapter meetings, which is at the heart of Holy Cross association.
  • Taking turns in facilitating monthly chapter meetings.
  • Striving to make an annual retreat or day of recollection.
  • Sharing in the chapter’s organizational affairs.
  • Sharing the responsibility to keep their chapter “alive and well” by addressing issues that promote or hinder this aspiration.
  • Supporting the congregation through prayer and materially as their means allow.

Come to Us, Holy Spirit

Saturday, June 24, 2023 - In person and Zoom retreat