The Holy Cross Associate Program

Spirituality, Community and Ministry

What is involved in being a Holy Cross Associate?

It means you have a desire to grow in your own spirituality; that you have a desire to form a small community and meet regularly with a group of fellow Associates; and that you have a desire to build God’s community through a ministry of your choosing. Your ministry may be in the area where you feel most called to serve or it may be in your area of employment.

Holy Cross Associates are expected to attend regular (typically monthly) chapter gatherings with fellow associates. It is also expected that members attend annual retreats with other Holy Cross associates. Each chapter gathering offers members the opportunity for prayer, spiritual growth and reflection, education, support, connectedness, shared hospitality and continued growth in their spiritual journeys.

Holy Cross Associate Responsibilities and Commitments

Holy Cross Associates make the following commitments:

  • Strive for growth in their spiritual life
  • Accompany others in their spiritual journey
  • Participate in building community; especially with other associates
  • Seek and offer support in ministering to the people of God

Come to Us, Holy Spirit

Saturday, June 24, 2023 - In person and Zoom retreat