Do you hunger for something deeper in your spiritual life?

Holy Cross Associates

with zeal and hope to bring

Saint André Bessette, C.S.C.
Patron of Midwest Holy Cross Associates

Ask yourself the following questions:

Have you experienced a hunger for something deeper in your spiritual life?

Have you sensed that you live your life, profess your faith, and perform your ministry through a particular lens?

Are you familiar with the Congregation of Holy Cross and its charisms?

Do you desire to grow in your knowledge and understanding of the charisms of the Congregation of Holy Cross in a supportive environment?

About Holy Cross Associates:

We are lay men and women who answer God’s call to an association with the Congregation of Holy Cross, Midwest Province of Brothers. We embrace the heritage and charisms of the Congregation.

We witness with zeal and hope through our annual commitment:

to grow spiritually,

to form community by sharing the Holy Cross spirit of family and hospitality, and

to minister and serveGod’s people.

Associates form relationships

with each other and with vowed religious colleagues through association and sharing in the spirituality, hospitality, mission and family spirit of Holy Cross.

We walk side by side with Holy Cross priests, brothers and sisters in the fulfillment of the vision of the founder of Holy Cross, Blessed  Basil Anthony Moreau.

Blessed Basil Anthony Moreau

founded the Congregation of Holy Cross in 1837 through a union of brothers, sisters and priests.

He also engaged the laity in his growing religious family. Lay men and women today are collaborators with the religious of Holy Cross throughout the world.

Holy Cross Associates make a difference by sharing a variety of ministries including education and service.

Join Our Community

“Holy Cross Associates are people who love community. I heard one of the Associates say that we are a people ‘with hope and food to bring.’ There’s food, laughter and prayer. It’s just wonderful. It’s an allinclusive package.”

–  Jessica Plasphol, Archbishop Hoban
High School, Akron, Ohio


“Being a Holy Cross Associate provides me an opportunity to be part of a group that builds community through prayer, reflection, support and love. It gives another dimension to my ministry as a Holy Cross educator, one that is spiritual, personal, and prayerful.

–  Terry Lee, Moreau Catholic High
School, Hayward, California